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Vintage & Young

The VY OIL Tee

The VY OIL Tee

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Step back in time with the latest creation from Vintage & Young, our tribute tee inspired by the iconic Oilzum racer of the 1920s. This meticulously crafted design merges historical allure with contemporary edge, making it a must-have for any vintage automotive enthusiast. Featuring our flair to the original Oilzum racer, updated with a modern twist, this shirt is more than just apparel—it's a piece of art. The detailed logo incorporates elements like motor oils and lubricants, nodding to the heritage of classic automobilia while embracing the rugged spirit of today's adventurer. Ideal for collectors, history buffs, and fashion-forward drivers, this tee ensures you'll stand out in any crowd. Celebrate the legacy of automotive racing and keep the spirit of vintage alive with this unique addition to your wardrobe.

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